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How to organise a brand shoot

How to organise a brand shoot

Top Tips: How to Prepare for a Brand Photo Shoot

Having beautiful branded images are absolutely vital for any business that wants to create a strong, iconic brand. The right kind of photography ties a brand together and is ideal for use on websites, social media and throughout any marketing materials. Brand photo-shoots have been ever-present in my career as a wedding PR professional, so with plenty of experience under my belt, I have decided to pull together my quick tips for how to prepare for a brand photo-shoot.

1. Know What You Want
Before preparing for a photo-shoot, every brand must be absolutely clear on why they are doing a
brand photo-shoot. This means fully understanding what look they are going for and what message they want to get across to their target audience.

For my own brand shoots, I know I want the look to tie in with the overall Propose PR brand. My photos need to be chic, professional, clean, and minimal, with my signature blue teal running through them. Because I am behind the brand, I decide to feature in some of the images so that potential clients can see that I am approachable, professional and friendly. Any brand struggling to sum themselves up should turn to their target audience for help. Take to social media channels and ask followers to sum up the brand in 3 words. Doing this will help shape a brand vision which can then be clearly portrayed in any photography.

2. Do Your Research
Every brand should definitely take the time to research images to help define what kind of look they want. Do you want a soft look? A modern look? Black and white? It all comes down to what fits with the brand. Sites like Instagram and Pinterest can be absolutely fantastic for finding inspiration. Search for relevant hashtags and keywords and start a ‘mood board’ to help create a brand vision. It is also vitally important to choose the right photographer to conduct the brand photo-shoot. Do your homework on photographers that you like the look of, meet them for coffee and get to know them. A great photographer should make anyone feel comfortable in front of the camera so make sure you choose someone that you trust and who understands the brand.

3. Consider Props
Take the time to get the right kind of props for a photo-shoot. Should any company be keen to use some branded items in their photo-shoot, such as a cake topper, stationery, signs or anything in between, make sure there’s enough time to get everything made and delivered. There’s nothing worse than being fully prepared only to discover that the props are not going to be ready in time!

4. Consider the Shoot Location
Location should be a key consideration when it comes to a brand photo-shoot. For my own brand photo-shoots, I have decided in the past to have them at my home office because I felt that this fitted with my brand. But that was my personal preference. Other companies may feel more at home doing a brand photo-shoot in the great outdoors or at a favourite venue, for example. Just make sure the necessary permissions are given before the shoot. For shoots outdoors, be prepared for any and all weather conditions. It is also important to make sure that imagery will work all year round. So for example, if a company does decide to have its shoot on a hot summers day, it’s important to be confident that these images will still translate to a target audience during the autumn and winter months. For any brands out there considering doing a brand photo-shoot, I hope these handy tips have been helpful for preparation. If you have any other questions regarding brand photo-shoots or if you would like to know more about Propose PR Consultancy, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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  1. Mary Briscoe on 25th June 2019 at 3:04 pm

    Many thanks, really useful hints & tips.

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